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“Apa yang kita alami demi teman kadang-kadang melelahkan dan menjengkelkan, tetapi itulah yang membuat persahabatan mempunyai nilai yang indah”

“Persahabatan sering menyuguhkan beberapa cobaan, tetapi persahabatan sejati bisa mengatasi cobaan itu bahkan bertumbuh bersama”

“Persahabatan tidak terjalin secara otomatis tetapi membutuhkan proses yang panjang seperti besi menajamkan besi, demikianlah sahabat menajamkan sahabatnya”

“Persahabatan diwarnai dengan berbagai pengalaman suka dan duka, dihibur-disakiti, diperhatikan-dikecewakan, didengar-diabaikan, dibantu-ditolak, namun semua ini tidak pernah sengaja dilakukan dengan tujuan kebencian”

“Seorang sahabat tidak akan menyembunyikan kesalahan untuk menghindari perselisihan, justru karena kasihnya ia memberanikan diri menegur apa adanya”

“Sahabat tidak pernah membungkus pukulan dengan ciuman, tetapi menyatakan apa yang amat menyakitkan dengan tujuan sahabatnya mau berubah”

“Proses dari teman menjadi sahabat membutuhkan usaha pemeliharaan dari kesetiaan, tetapi bukan pada saat kita membutuhkan bantuan barulah kita memiliki motivasi mencari perhatian, pertolongan dan pernyataaan kasih dari orang lain, tetapi justru ia berinisiatif memberikan dan mewujudkan apa yang dibutuhkan oleh sahabatnya”

“Kerinduannya adalah menjadi bagian dari kehidupan sahabatnya, karena tidak ada persahabatan yang diawali dengan sikap egoistis”

“Semua orang pasti membutuhkan sahabat sejati, namun tidak semua orang berhasil mendapatkannya. Banyak pula orang yang telah menikmati indahnya persahabatan, namun ada juga yang begitu hancur karena dikhianati sahabatnya”

“Tetapi penghancur persahabatan ini telah berhasil dipatahkan oleh sahabat-sahabat yang teruji kesejatian motivasinnya”

“Mempunyai satu sahabat sejati lebih berharga dari seribu teman yang mementingkan diri sendiri”

“Dalam masa kejayaan, teman-teman mengenal kita. Dalam kesengsaraan, kita mengenal teman-teman kita. Ingatlah kapan terakhir kali anda berada dalam kesulitan. Siapa yang berada di samping anda??. Siapa yang mengasihi anda saat anda merasa tidak dicintai??”

“Siapa yang ingin bersama anda pada saat tiada satupun yang dapat anda berikan??. Merekalah sahabat-sahabat anda”

“Hargai dan peliharalah selalu persahabatan anda dengan mereka. Karena seorang sahabat bisa lebih dekat dari pada saudara sendiri”


1. The face that was always cheerful: Somehow, the bright and clear face always looks nice and so friendly.

2. A smile is sincere: The first fact about that smile is a charity, with a genuine smile we can see the happy people who kita.Tak rarely also with a sincere smile can touch the heart anyone.

3. Words - words that polite and gentle: Choice of words - the most polite word is also very berpeeran in friendship. Always use good language and clean, it would be more beautiful if it is done by way of submission in a gentle way.

4. Always happy to say hello: Always Missed opportunities ourselves to be people - people who are always first to say hello and greet, say hello to the sincerity and friendliness, was shaking hands full warmth of our friends

5. Be very polite and full of kehoramatan: On and on is being very polite and respect our friends, can we start with the way we sit, attention, go laugh when our friends are funny.

6. To please her feelings: Always praise our friends with sincere and proper to something that is worthy of praise, also associate with the greatness of God. God's role here reminds us of friends where the origins of his blessings on these achievements.

7. I am useful to you: Our luck can not be measured by what we get but the value of benefits available to us (not that our life is more beautiful, when we use to anyone else)

8. Diligent Hospitality: Hospitality is the regular way, filled with concern, compassion, and sincerity, even though only a few minutes.

9. Exchanging gifts: As I tullis previously that the mutual giving and send gifts to foster love and caring

10. Always helpful in every way: Haste, and helping others with all the ability we have, whether it be wealth, power, time, or just a form of attention.

11. Donate science: Never shy or lazy to share the experience that we experience, be it in science, insight, experience, and things - other things. (In the form of positive and useful things for other oranng, so people can learn from us)

"From some point above TS conclude, friendship not only with each other than this and that, but still a lot of points - points that we need to know to form a perfect circle in a friendship or association"


Friends of the needs of the soul that gets counterpart
He was the field of liver with the love you sprinkle
and you pick the fruit gratefully
He's also the cool shade keteduhanmu
A fireplace for warmth sukmamu
Because you walked on stage liver arid hunger,
And looking at a time when people need peace
Piece of Kahlil Gibran poem that suddenly appeared on the head when an old friend greeted longing from there. Mirth created by the chatter of laughter as crowded ditingkahi meet the chest cavity. Nearly fifteen years we have never met and lost track of each other, but apparently God has other ways to bring back to us so far has lost communication. Yes Lord, thank you for your gift today ...
Old story, new story and stories in each other as we seek the existence of another flow without interruption. No matter again with the pulse distance, two and a half hours of singing and again we shouted to each other with a call while still in school first. There was laughter and even tears flowing listening moments of his friends lost loved ones, mother, brother and beloved son. Yes, times when I was supposed to be at his side. There is a contrite heart sneak around the corner.
Actually unsatisfied longing but chat with forced quits before exchanging phone numbers and appointments will continue to keep in touch. I can still see the face of his mother who was always 'forced' to eat lunch every cafeteria I visited his major at a university in Bandung. And then the mother is very busy. Perhaps pity to see the face of a starving child and the mother's boarding house seem well aware my moral hazard, had come to visit during lunch.
Fifteen years is not a short time, people can change for the better or vice versa. There are the influence of position to be very changed from who we know in advance. Luckily we both still like the first, maybe just because we both really nobodies. There is no position to an invite click amazed, that's changed is we now no longer young but has already become a mother and we are equally proud of it.
The dynamics of friendship as a collection of colors of the rainbow, there is no moment when light and dark which gives its own color to the beauty of that friendship. Like flavor while enjoying the beauty of blooming pink lotus flowers in dim twilight.
Companions can be united with the presence of one or more equations. Ideally, he is someone who brings us closer to the good, which can be shared down the gift of gratitude for the blessings, laugh or cry together and reinforce each other when one is in a weak state. Also someone who will remind even flicked other times negligent and deviated from His ways. Sad to say there is also a friendship that would encourage the setback. Seeing the success of others even so allied to suspicion. Can not keep quiet when the achievement of a person beyond what they have achieved or even unite to put others down. What a pity is wasted energy for things that are not useful like that, which brings us even further away from the purpose of life.
No doubt there is a symbiotic relationship mutualism or mutual benefit in the friendship but there is also a lesson in it that is learning to give and receive (take and give), learn to hear and be heard, also learned to erode the ego and maintain empathy.
To respect privacy, including tips awetnya friend relationships, like the book there are pages that do not need to be read and opened with the clear without perkenannya. A good friend memorized correct at time of bud and blossom us. Among the indicators of a healthy friendship is the friendship that does not make us closed to association with others, are still able to maintain objectivity, the nuances of honesty, which brings a sense of comfort and which do not have to force us to constantly use the mask.
Proverb says look for the enemy is easier than finding a friend. When we argue different opinions as there are some missing in ourselves. Though friendly does not mean always agree. There are differences that make it varied, more important is how to understand and appreciate the difference.
One other story, so I've got a valuable lesson how friendship can be damaged by emotional moment and a misunderstanding. When we arrived at a phase of full awareness that it's all just part of the youth full of dynamics, it has lost friends rimbanya indeterminate. Had heard the news he had been there far in the island. Prostrate surrender to the Divine because it has been decided relationship without knowing how to dial back.
Once again the divine will, all things that can not be possible. Thanks to our social networking site to connect again after years of not met. Words are sorry for any mistakes is the first spoken greeting as he welcomed me. Thank God we forgive each other. Apparently, the missing years have been maturing the two of us. To the friend mentioned that might happen to read this post, hopefully you and your family are always in ridhoNya blessing.
In this Kompasiana we met many new friends. Friendship is not looking at differences in age and status are only united by the interest in writing, reading or just writing another person commented. A form of another friendship, which is not less warmth though not always been met. One of the formerly admitted kompasianers friends with lonely hopefully now no longer lonely. Beautiful cyber friendship I find here. We hope that this friendship also helped enrich the soul.